Panther Body Exerciser

Panther Body Exerciser


Panther Body Exerciser gives excellent results, it is ideal for shoulders, biceps, forearms, back, legs, thighs, hamstrings, calves and glutes.Panther Body Exerciser is the latest in exercise equipment, with a dynamic system that makes all body muscles work with your own weight to push and pull , exercising the limbs, torso and buttocks while helping maintain and improve elasticity throughout the body, develop the cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning  for a very attractive figure.

One of the most important problems to be fit, is the lack of time and the amount of different exercises that you have to do in order to be fit. That's why with Panther Body Exerciser you can do all the exercises in one unit in order to obtain a comprehensive result.


  • Legs and arms strong get well-toned.
  • Abdominal gets strong and defined.
  • Buttocks gets firm and volume.
  • Easy to use and very effective.
  • Combines aerobic and anaerobic.

Key Features:

  • One of the most important factors of Panther Body Exerciser is that when you exercise with it, it helps you strengthen your heart more and maintain better health. 
    The best thing is that this product is designed to reduce the impact on your joints. It helps promote calorie burning and weight loss. 
    Burns fat in an impressive manner. Panther Body Exerciser burns 3 times more calories than other exercises.
    Changing the positions of the arms can change the body part you're working on (three basic different grips).
    It is ideal for people with little time to exercise and need a fun and easy exercise machine that  can give quick and effective results.
    It is suitable for people who have not exercised, and for people who are already accustomed to exercises.

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