Rock Hard Abs Tool For Steel Abs

Rock Hard Abs  Tool For Steel Abs


Gym Form AB Celerate the innovative exerciser that tones the entire abdominal area giving you flat stomach and sculpted abs. The problem with normal abdominal exercises is that you feel resistance on the rise and not only downhill. With AB Celerate the exercises become complete. It allows you to go beyond 180 degree to target your entire core. Gym Form AB Celerate is ergonomically designed & the padded ergonomic rollers provides a beneficial back massage, during exercise. Its strength lies in the extension that reaches the stomach, more than 180 degree with respect to the other tools. Also it has an adjustable resistance which increases the degree of intensity of the exercises: strength in ascent and descent. It is a versatile tool that allows a workout Easy, Effective and Fun for every muscle in your body. 


It is designed to make easy exercises, Quick and Effective. The bench GymForm is perfect for both beginners that most experts because it helps to work out in correct way. Ab Celerate is equipped with a special back rest which is adjustable, straight as a true bench, while you train your arms, shoulders and chest, or reclining to train the abdominal and perform the necessary stretching exercises. It is also equipped with a footrest for an effective workout. It also has comfortable handles, useful for support during the most challenging exercises.


It targets your core muscles. AB Celerate makes you work with the entire core: abdominal high, medium and low with a single action and with greater speed. It acts as a 6-in-1 machine and targets:


Abdominal inverse

Leg extensions

Lower abs

Twist oblique

Back stretches


6 Exercise + Cardio Working in both directions

Strengthens your core with no neck strain

Targets your upper abs, middle abs and lower abs & obliques

Cushioning massage rollers across the head and back support you as you work out 

No back or neck pain

Lose Weight

Reduce extra inches

Stronger abdominal area

Improves your posture & Metabolism

Improved body stability and flexibility

Key Features:

Suitable for all ages fitness levels

6 Exercise + Cardio Working in both directions

Goes Beyond 180 Degree to target your entire core

Suitable for all ages

Variables adjustable resistance  

Simple to use

Targets Abdominal, Abdominal inverse, Leg extensions, Upper Abs, Middle Abs, Lower Abs, Oblique, Back

In The Box

Gym Form Ab Celerate - 1

Resistance Band - 1 Pair

Booklet Instructions

Booklet Exercises

Diet Book

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