Complete Body Exerciser

Complete Body Exerciser


Sculpting and toning  your body does not happen in one go. Your gym routine may help you to complete your daily exercise but what about after that. The Complete body exerciser is a home gym equipment which you can use after exercising at gym. This chest and arm exerciser has got 5 metal springs with excellent tension that allows you to concentrate to target required body areas. This one innovative fitness tool works on your Chest, Back, Arms, Back, Abs and Legs. A 10 minutes exercising with this Complete body exerciser boosts up your body to focus on toning up your muscles and gives you results you want to see.


  • 100% Compact and Portable
  • Designed for beginers to advanced body builders
  • High quality and Durable springs used
  • Made up of Rust free material
  • Its curve handles gives perfect grip to hold
  • Best for resistance training

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