Leg Magic Exercise Machine

Leg Magic Exercise Machine


The Leg Magic is a 360 degree rotating resistance platform that gives a powerful full body workout for legs, core, buttocks and obliques to help tighten, tone, sculpt and reshape your body. Leg Magic moves you in an amazing 360 degrees free-flowing movement that engages and activates all of the major muscles. This easy-to-use up grade system allows you to perform a wide variety of resistance based on movements on your circle glide such as the rotating push-up,lateral arm press, kneeling crunch, triceps, push-up and the sitting shouder push.

Its revolutionary tripe plane technology offers unlimited exercise motion for a fast,fun and effective workout. It is easy and simple to use & fit for every fitness level.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Slip Resistant Swivel Foot Paddles
  • Curve Handles
  • Sturdy and Robust
  • High Quality Industrial Steel
  • Child Lock
  • Can Handle Upto 220 Pound Weight
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • High Quality Resistant Band
  • High Quality Breathable Sponge
  • Fold down flat for easy storage
  • Easy and simple workouts

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