Ab Coach For Flat, Firm Stomach & Slim Waistline

New Ab Coach For Flat, Firm Stomach & Slim Waistline


Ab Coach is a unique exerciser that gives you flat, firm abdominals and a slim waistline with the help of a rocking motion. Now get a flat, firm stomach & slim waistline in just a few minutes a day with the original Ab-Coach. Easily Works All Major AB Muscles! Headrest gives maximum support to your neck and shoulders. Stops strain! Targets directly on your abdominals to give 100% workout on upper abs. lower abs, and obliques. Easy roll action gives you a full workout without straining your neck and back. Stops unnecessary strain to your back.

Key Features:

  • Get astonishing results in just few minutes a day.
  • Works all the major abdominal muscle groups.
  • Make sit ups easy and safe.
  • End tedious work-out routines.
  • Isolates hard to train abdominals with unique rocking action.
  • Increases effectiveness by adding weights.
  • Fast results and fun to use.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Tilting headrest provides maximum rest to your neck and shoulders.
  • Made of heavy guage steel and grips are made of high density foam.
  • Easy roll on action gives support to your back
  • you can make your exercise more challenging by adding weights to the Ab Coach.

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